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The Open Web Moving Inside Businesses

September 7, 2010

The last month and a half this blog has been all but silent, as the majority of my prose production has been focused on key writing and research projects for work. One in particular came to fruition today, as ReadWriteWeb published a whitepaper I penned (and Socialtext sponsored) on Open Web standards. For those TheLynchBlog readers who don’t speak geek, let me explain.

The emergence of popular social technologies like Twitter, Facebook and Google Buzz have thrived in large part by adhering to some standards and formats (like, OpenSocial) that make it easy to move information in an out those sites from other places around the Web. As the report mentions, Facebook and its 500 million users who utilize the Facebook News Feed is the most recognized example to mainstream Web users. When people log on to Facebook, they can see both people and system generated messages. A people generated message would be John “uploaded his photos from his vacation to Thailand” or that “Natalie is now friends with Chris.” A system generated one could be “ReadWriteWeb published a new whitepaper.”

Now, businesses and technology leaders inside companies of all sorts have learned that people can consume information around them in the same way. Rather than tab-toggle to various applications all day, employees should be able to select what information from colleagues and systems across their company they want pulled to them. It allows them to see that “John edited the Q2 marketing plan” or that “a new record was created in your Oracle CRM system.” This will make their core business processes more flexible, and in line with the way we expect to consume and act on information.

Oh wait, that was still geeky. Oh well. I tried.

On a personal note, it was a pleasure to work with the ReadWriteWeb team. I really enjoyed dusting off my old skills and working on a long-form, published piece of writing for such a great outlet.

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