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Milling About Adelaide Australia

November 23, 2010

There’s nothing like a roadtrip to break you out of a blogging slump. Now, to be fair, the last couple months I was busy prepping for the launch of Socialtext 4.5 and concurrent Enterprise 2.0 Conference in Santa Clara, and have been pretty active on the Socialtext blog. But I’m going to endeavor to keep TheLynchBlog more fresh.

This post is being filed from Adelaide, Australia, where I’m on a business trip to visit with Socialtext customers and get the word out about how social software can change organizations across the whole commonwealth here. We’ve had some really innovative customers down in Australia. Hayes Knight, for instance, was one of our earliest adopters of Socialtext Connect.

I left San Francisco Sunday night, embarking on a 14 hour flight that got me into Sydney this (Tuesday) morning. From Sydney, I connected three hours later to Adelaide, which is about a 90 minute flight. It’s a long day(s).

After a long shower and nap, I took a walk around Rundle Mall, which seems to be the center of commerce here and is only a couple blocks from my hotel. I ducked into the Woolworth store and bought a bottle of Crown Lager (I don’t know any better — Australian friends please advice) and some Smith’s Potato Chips.

Very, very hot here. I feel like I’m in Boston in August.

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