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Visit Adelaide

November 26, 2010

While Sydney and Melbourne undoubtedly get more attention from international travelers, I really enjoyed my time in Adelaide, South Australia. The people were warm and friendly to me, and the city had many great restaurants and bars.  They have also really cultivated and maintained a nice cultural wing of the town, where I got to spend a little time. Had I not been working start to finish for the majority of my time there, I definitely would have explored more.

Adelaide has more than one million people, and is the largest city in South Australia.

  • Though cross-eyed tired from my 14-hour flight to Sydney and additional 2 hours to Adelaide, I did manage to make it to a nice dinner at the Sebel Playford with a work colleague and a customer Tuesday night.  To walk there from my hotel (the Majestic Roof Garden), I walked west along North Terrace, which is a cultural boulevard of the city, containing the State Library of South Australia, the South Australian Museum and the Parliament house, among other institutions. It was really hot that night (80s perhaps?), a not-so-mild departure from the San Francisco microclimate.
    • Of all of those landmarks, I got to see the state library (a Socialtext customer kindly gave me a tour) on Wednesday. It was an incredible building constructed in the late 1800s. The main room was architecturally wonderful, opening up in walls lined with books three or four levels high.
  • I also enjoyed some great food and drink.
    • Casablabla. Great tapas, but they had the misfortune of having a California boy order what they listed on the menu as a “perfect margarita.” It was served in a martini glass with no ice, and just didn’t have the right balance. They should at least rename it on the menu, or work the balance. The food was amazing, however.  I recommend the lamb skewers.
    • Ying Chow Restaurant. The ribs are pretty darn good. I also tried Crocodile. And sure enough to the hackneyed expression, it does taste like chicken.
    • Benjamin on Franklin. You feel like you’re in someone’s house, but in a good way. Lots of Coopers pints.
  • Lots of great wine down there (it’s near wine country!). Shared in a bottle of Chateau Tangunda, a Shiraz down there. Very nice.
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