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Lazy Afternoon at Manly Beach

November 27, 2010

After a quiet Saturday morning of coffee and work, I took the Ferry from Circular Quay to Manly Beach to the north around noon. It’s worth the fuss people tell you about. Today was a hot and clear day in Sydney, but the Ferry ride was breezy and cool. We arrived in Manly about a half hour later.

Manly is a great surfer/beach town, with the overpriced bistros, boutiques and bars you’d expect lining the street, but it has great character nonetheless.  I played my part and went to the Manly Grill and had two Coopers Pale Ales and Fish and Chips. The grill is right next to the beach, so after that rather heavy lunch I bought a beach towel and fell asleep for an hour.

I helped three girls get that “perfect” picture, and by that I mean we had about 7 takes. You kind of have to wonder what we used to do before digital cameras. Didn’t we just take the picture, roll the dice, and see how it came out on the other end? Still, they were quite nice and turned me onto to some good spots to check out in the city tonight.

The day was pleasant, and reminded me of my trips to Marin back home. Except 2o degrees warmer.

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